Let us introduce you to our employees who love beading as much as you do! They are all versed on various beading techniques and can teach most of our classes at your convenience.

We have heard many comments as to how intricate or complicated our finished jewelry looks. Rest assured, we can teach you how to create similar intricate and stunning jewelry, all at a fraction of the price it would cost if you were to buy them in an upscale boutique or high-end fashion store. Tuition is nominal; see our calendar for details.

We also offer one free class and one free make & take each month. These classes are free with purchase of your materials from our store. All of our employees know how to teach these free classes, so you can take them any day of the month.

Call (801)281-9978 to set up your appointment today!

Free Class January 2019

Pol Bracelet

Learn to make this versatile bracelet designed by Veres Zsuzsa-Vezsuzsi. The two-hole CzechMates® at the center of these ingenious components can be easily interchanged—you can choose to use Bars, Diamonds™, Lentils, and/or Triangles alongside TOHO® Demi Rounds and seed beads. Expect materials to cost around $30 depending on the beads you choose. Just call to make an appointment. Remember to bring your Fireline & needles.

Make & Take January 2019

Bolo Necklace

Learn to make this easy to wear design inspired by Lisa Hanna of L.H. Bead Gallery in Panama City, Florida. There are so many ideas using this simple concept you will be wanting to make more and more. No appointment needed. Just stop in anytime and get started. Expect materials to cost around $20-$30 depending on the beads you choose.

Product Demonstration

EZ Jump Ring Maker

Jump Rings